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Movie and Book Reviews

On this page I'll write reviews of the movies I see and books I read. I might use a format similar to this for my reviews.

Movie Reviews

The Matrix 1 and 2
Hannah really like both of these movies. They are FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!! Neo is soooooooo HOT!!!! Especially in 2 with his black trench coat!!! *drools* It has action and a love story so it's good for everybody!!! Who can watch R rated movies. Not for 12 and under...too detailed. Oki-doke now we're gonna stop typing.FIVE STARS *****

Star Wars Episode 1-6
We all love Star Wars...who doesn't?? But we HAVE to say Hayden Christensen has got to be the HOTTEST character throughout all the movies. And the movies are so cool, especially episode 3, Me (Lauryn) and Hannah cried when we saw it. Amy just laughed at us. The movie has adventure, but a love story at the same time. But what I have to say is like Padme was a lot of a heck older than Anakin! I mean they met at ep. 1, and he was like 10 and she was like 18 or older, I mean yuck! But I guess she thought he was better than an Ewok or something. We totally give this FIVE STARS*****

Napoleon Dynamite
Reviewed by: Lauryn
Napoleon Dynamite is such a cool movie. Although Hannah & Amy don't seem to think so. It is absolutely hilarious, especially the part where he's feeding Tina. Anyway, there aren't really any words unless you count, "flippin' Idiot" and "Bodaggit".  There really is no meaning to this movie but like the theme says, "He's out to prove, He's got nothing to prove!" I give it FOUR STARS****  

Book Reviews

Just Ask, Melody Carlson

This is a really good book about a girl named Kim Peterson. She's really confused about religion and is even into Bhuddism. But she eventually finds the truth. With really supportive friends and family, she has a great life, and she is even the anyonomous author of "Just Ask Jamie" a teen advice column in the local newspaper. Well, you'll have to read the book to find out what won't be dissapointed!!

Kissing Coffins
I can't remember who wrote this book so whatever. This was a fantastic book!!!! It rocked my socks!!! I can't wait for the next one!!! This book was about vampires. It is the sequal to Vampire Kisses. Which I recomend. If you love vampires and love stories this is the book for you!! It was sooo wickedly awesome!!!

Long Live The Toilet Gang!!! Hannah, Lauryn