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The Toilet Gang

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The Toilet Gang Welcomes you!

We wanted to share our story and hear back from teens like us...

Once upon a time...
There were three friends, Hannah, Amy, and Lauryn. They were at Co-op (a homeschool function) and to skip the lecture, they resorted to the bathroom. Amy had something important to tell the group and instead of standing in the open space, they each went into a different stall next to each other to tell it. Lauryn was on the left, Amy in the middle, and Hannah was in the handicapped. So Lauryn and Amy stood up on the toilets, but Hannah's wasn't against the wall, so she jumped up and down to listen. Just then the Evil Manager of the place we were at walked in and yelled at us, so we jumped down and flushed the toilets, one by one, for no apparent reason. Then we all walked into study hall, and by then the Evil Manager had told the teachers, who punished us by sentencing us to apologizing, one by one, and then to scrub the toilets. An hour before they had had a senior citizen function. GROSS!! Soooo Nasty! The end.
         - The Toilet Gang

Fire Spinning Saturn

Toilet, Opening & Closing Lid

What's new with us?

Find out on "Shoutouts to my Friends."

We have a new member!!!
The toilet gang has now got a new member. Her name is Julie. She has been a friend of mine(Hannah) since the 5th grade. What she had to do to be in the gang was...she had to get caught standing on a public toilet by someone who didn't know about the gang and she had to lick the toilet. (Don't ask me why she had to lick it, Amy and Lauryn came up with that.) So now Julie is officially a member of The Toilet Gang. We welcome you Julie.

Please be sure to get in touch and let me know what you think of our site.


Long Live The Toilet Gang!!! Hannah, Lauryn